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If Medellin were a book it would have two editions: the first would be a bestseller with a nice cover and stories that can be read in a linear way fulfilling the basic expectations of those who read them. The second edition would be apocryphal, a work to read in disorder and that manages to surprise the curious who decides to go from the most read and delve into unknown passages.

Medellín rewards the foreigner who bets safe for the best known and even the most avid local who like to put aside the clichés of what should be seen and done in their own home and the Hotel sites coexist both worlds , this is evident in the library located in our lobby, which invites you to browse forced reading books and also to enjoy the unusual. We are sure that the experience of staying with us must be rich, authentic and adaptable to honor the author's accommodation.

Therefore, we believe that living life and knowing how to enjoy it is an art and in this edition of in sites you will find a guide to enjoy experiences that combine the traditional and the unknown with the past and the present of our city, anachronistic and always loved.

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